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Join Us in Making a life-Saving Impact: Vote for the Dillon Quirke foundation in the PTSB Community Fund today.

Exciting news is on the horizon for the Dillon Quirke Foundation, and we need your help!

The Permanent TSB (PTSB) Community Fund is on a mission to empower local communities by providing vital funding to organizations making a difference. This year, they are aiming to allocate approximately €200,000 to six local charities, chosen by the Irish public. And guess what?

The Dillon Quirke Foundation has been shortlisted to benefit from this fund in 2024!

Why Vote for Us?

We’re working tirelessly to raise awareness and combat Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS). We’re on a mission to provide free cardiac screenings for young athletes aged 12 to 18 across the country.

How You Can Help: 

Cast your vote for us today! By doing so, you support our ambitious goal of providing free screenings to 5,000 young people this year.

You can vote now at this link:

It takes less than 30 seconds, and three clicks!

Voting closes on 23 February.

Remember every vote counts! Your vote matters more than you may realise.

Please share this link with your friends and family, spreading the word and rallying support for our cause.

Thank you from all the team at the Dillon Quirke Foundation.


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