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Donate Today to Save Young Lives

By choosing to make a regular, annual, or once off donation to the Dillon Quirke Foundation you will enable us to fund a nationwide cardiac screening programme for young people (aged 12-18) involved in sport. 


None of our life-saving work would be possible without people like you - people who want to help create an Ireland where the heart health of young people in sport is prioritised, and tragedies prevented. These screenings have the power to save lives - and this is only the beginning. When you support the Dillon Quirke Foundation, you are doing so much more than making a donation. Every screening that flags an abnormality of any kind is a young life protected. Your generosity makes a big difference.


We’re working towards an ambitious goal of providing free screening for 10,000 or more young people each year - and we need your support to make our vision a reality. 

Thank you for your life-saving support of the Dillon Quirke Foundation - together we can make a big difference.



There is no doubt that cardiac screenings save lives. In Italy, all individuals who participate in sports that require regular training and competition must – by law – undergo cardiac screening every year. This has led to an 89% reduction in deaths from SADS since the law was introduced in 1982. Just imagine: if we established a similar system to Italy, we could save 89 lives every year.”
- Niall Quinn, former Ireland International player and Chair of the Dillon Quirke Foundation

A Direct Debit of €21 per month or a donation of €250 or more per year enables the Dillon Quirke Foundation to qualify for tax relief of 45% under the government’s Charitable Donation Scheme. This increases your impact to €365, at no extra cost to you.

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